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Ben Barnes Stillness
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A stills icontest for Ben Barnes


Welcome to barnes_stills , an icon stills community dedicated to Ben Barnes. Ben is best known for his role in The Picture of Dorian Gray and the Chron
icles of Narnia movies.

Feel free to join and participate in the challenges.Even if you're not interested in making icons please join.We need as many votes as possible.


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Do you have a qustion, comment or suggestion? Then PM one of our mods or comment on our page-a-mod post.


Only post brand new icons made for the challenge.
[2]No animation!
[3]Brushes, textures, etc. are perfectly acceptable.
[4]Do not post or share your icons anywhere until after the voting results have gone up.
[5]You can change your entries before the voting goes up, just delete the old post.
[6]Your icons must meet lj standards.


To submit an icon leave a comment on the contest's post.All comments are screened.
[2]Upload your icons to host.Tinypic is recommended to preserve anonymity.
[3]Post both the image of the icon itself as well as a direct link to the icon.


Friday: New Challenge

Wednesday: Reminder
Friday: Icons Due
Friday: Voting Begins
Sunday: Voting Ends
Sunday: Winners Posted


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